happy day!

Sunday was beautiful weather and the next step with the “rescues” (Sampson, Sally, Bella and Jade) who by now have such distinct personalities.  Deb and Kelly got another saddling lesson and lots of practice by saddling Sally, Bella and Jade and with that done it was head to the round pen with Kelly leading Sally and Bella and looking as comfortable as a seasoned “hand”.   



Jade and Deb came together with Jade leading the way.   Getting on first, Kelly rode Jade practicing turns and maneuvering thru the rest of us and was the first time they roamed on their own with no babysitter (except for babysitter Jade).   Yippee!  Kelly awesome!  Next up was Deb on Sally, the moment everyone has been waiting for and good ole Sally didn’t disappoint. This was their first ride so following behind Jade was the plan but Sally even wanted to pass Jade and lead. Ok Sal, baby steps.   Their ride was a huge step in Sally’s life with this family. So the “Mom and Daughter” ride was smiles from ear to ear and in the pic even Jade was smiling too.

   064  066

Now seems like last time when there tears of happiness Jade had tears too. Is this a trend? Does she see the emotion and follow suit. Only time will tell. So that left Bella waiting patiently at the rail and Deb ready to move from Sally to Bella. Well, not hop from horse to horse like in the circus or as the kids sometimes do here but you know what I mean.  Dismounting from Sally and giving her the biggest hug in the world she walked over to Bella.


The two horses couldn’t be more different in personality. Sally is laid back and happy to walk and Bella is “when weight hits the saddle I’m gone!” Although Bella has been learning to walk and did cooperate her absolute best for a successful ride. Cheyenne even wandered out and asked to join us so he came in for a little bareback riding and bridless riding demo maneuvering in and out of the other three other horses. Cheyenne has probably come the most far of any horse we have worked with. Either that or his age and maturity finally won over.



Then it was back to the barn in a leisurely stroll, interrupted briefly by  Snickers flying by showing his jump, buck and kick out skills with Sampson trotting to his girls (either to protect or for safety we’re not sure).  After their “run by” and “run to” it was go un-saddle, brush horses and hang out in the shade to just enjoy these amazing four legged friends.



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  1. cindy says:

    Oh what a great day for everyone!

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