Over a period of several years, anne made her way from a twenty-five year

corporate employee to become a full time animal nanny.
Traveling and living in a small, custom living quarter horse trailer,

she documented  situations with various animals.  

“Stoney”, her first horse, the smart Palomino

(named for being sure footed on rocky trails)

was the constant companion and in his memory 

http://www.stoneyhorse.com was born  

“from the diary of an animal sitter” (her first book)

was available there until ebooks came along and is

now available as an ebook at http://www.amazon.com.

Diary” came into being when animal sitting/ranch sitting

anne would write stories for owners about the animals

while owners were away.  Many owners suggested

the stories be made into a book and so it was. 

The animal sitter book is thirty-two short stories

(each complete on one page accompanied by colored pictures)

that share the way various animals communicated

with her.  Written in “stream of consciousness” style

which suits being around animals, the stories document

animals as the teachers, anne as the student. 

Not a clinician nor a trainer, more like a shepherd,

her stories tell about horses as the main focus of the stories,

along with a few dogs, a couple cats, a frog,

a goat, many ducks, even an emu and a cockatiel.

“following the progress of the 4 rescue horses”

was written after her little ranch was completed

and a family needed a place to board 4 rescue horses. 

The stories in this book (available at http://www.blurb.com)

document various events in their first rescue year. 

anne is still working with animals daily and sharing

more stories on facebook.


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