tears everywhere..

It’s been a long time coming..there have been a few bareback rides..more sit on’s than rides but today was “saddle..and ride”.  Jade has been ridden two times a week getting ready for the family.   She’s been saying “I’m ready..it’s ok” so Sunday Deb and Kelly accepted her invite.  Finding saddles can be heavy and cumbersome was the first order of the day.  Getting on gracefully the second, which both mastered nicely.  Jade kept her promise and babysat the girls.  And there were tears everywhere.  Tears of joy, of love and  happiness for this beautiful horse that has been thru so much and has opened her heart again to trust people.  Even Jade was teary eyed.  Some might say it was riding in the dust or the sun was too much without her “shades” but we knew..Jade was crying too.021 037 059

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