i don’t know what happened..


      Ok so I don’t know what happened but food lady/friend/keeper/helper brought me to the shoe/hitch rack and put me on the longer bungee tie thing.  A bungee that is supposed to give when pulled and the quick release/let me go thing that will let me go when I get in trouble. I was just standing there minding my own business and lady friend went to get a brush a few steps away. That’s when I did what I don’t know what I did.  I moved to my left and scared myself I guess then stood up..when I stood up I slipped on my back feet and down I went.  I was sideways and backwards and up and down in a blink of an eye ending upside down and the let me go thing that didn’t let me go.  I rolled over to help myself and oops rolled the wrong way into the bar things that keep us horses separated from each other. Then I was in a mess.
     I heard lady friend say this is not good. Lucky for me my new rider friend was in the arena riding another horse.  She hopped off to help me too.  Lady friend was very close by and she crawled over the fence fast for an old person and undid the thing that did not undo.  So then I could lay my head down and think.  What I thought was I think I’m  stuck.
      The two lady friends moved slowly to not scare me and didn’t talk much. They have been around a lot of horses and seemed to know it was big trouble.  My one leg was stuck up on another bar and lady friend gently took my toe and pushed my foot up and around  under the bar so now my legs were together.    I figured it best to help them as they seemed to know what to do and I did not.
     They took the rope hooked to my head thing and  pulled but nothing happened.
I layed very still cuz it felt like if I moved wrong I could get really hurt and that would not be good.  So the two lady friends of mine pulled together with the help of unseen forces they said later as they are not strong enough to move my pudgy body. I heard something about a big man upstairs. Maybe it was because where I was but I didn’t see a big man and we don’t have any stairs. Anyway they tried again.  
    One two three pull gently..one two three pull..and pull me turn me they did.  With just two pulls I was turned on the cement to where my front body was in the clear.  Getting me to where I I thought I could help me myself. I don’t think they thought so but I was tired of being down there. It was a little scramble and a little tough but I scooted out and up..
      I could hear them say now one wrong move there might be a broken leg or two. That didn’t sound good to me as they were my legs they were talking about.  After I  squiggled out and up they checked me and checked me.  I was shaking a little so they gave me some terrible medicine even though it smelled like apples.  Listening to them they said it was a miracle I didn’t seem hurt  and no swelling or scrapes or limping and what a dangerous mess that was..whatever dangerous means.
     So I think I’m fine and lady friend is watching me and let me near my friends who came up to the barn to watch the show.  People have come to look at me too.  They all say it’s a miracle I didn’t end up having to be put down. I don’t think they were very smart. I was already down and needed to be put back up!  Anyway ladyfriend is wishing she took more pictures but I’m glad she put me first but then glad she got a couple..no one would have believed me .
. photo 001.jpg        photo 004.jpg
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