“around” seems to be an interesting concept for a horse..

watching the herd..a herd member feels threatened or needs to escape..it’s “around”..


“around” a pond..a tree..another horse..anything..”around”..

put something between the threat and threatened ..


it works when being chased ..also when trying to catch them..


but when “around” doesn’t seem to work is when asked to go “around”


when i am somewhere and want them to come..


if i whistle and ask them to come they’ll go “around” on their own but if i hold a treat bucket on the other side of the fence and the gate is ten feet down the fence line there seems to be no knowledge of “around”..


it’s you bring it to me..you make a gate here where there is no gate..


so is it “around” challenged..or training me?


in watching Terra, the palomino staring at her barn buddy Snip thru the fence am getting closer to the answer.. photo around.jpgTerra knows the gate is off to the right..she goes thru it almost daily..she knows she can easily join her friend..

but for whatever reason she will stand and stare until I go help her find the gate..help her “around” .. photo togetheragain.jpg..to be together again..


so again is it “around challenged?..sometimes “around” challenged..or training me? 

it appears to be training me..












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