Feb 5 reflecting on change

Feb 5  quite the change with these beautiful animals..from being scared..not knowing how this new home would work out..what these new people would bring..from being four hesitant..depressed..extremely dependent on each other animals to now exploring everywhere from their sleep area to the large arena and the mesquite park in back with the many tall trees with their large branches providing cool shady spots and the desert broom bushes four feet tall they can walk thru to itch spots they can’t reach..a cool serene place to snooze or wander..to hide.. and the round pen filled with deep sand and even the chicken coop back in front to look for left over chicken scratch..now seeming confident and playful .. bright eyed and independent..Sampson from horribly limping..all his ribs showing to jumping and trotting .. well fed..now  a“foodie”..always very aware of where the food is and when food time is..Bella from hanging back in the background not sure to being the most playful with other horses over the fence..a bug now..an instigator..Jade from fearful with non-trusting eyes and protective of the others to the most emotionally sensitive..the most communication daily.. wanting interaction with people and then there’s Sally..Sally the green Mustang..the young one..from “had to have the halter with her little rope hanging down to catch her” to the old too small halter replaced .. no rope hanging down..
So once again this weekend the family came to play with the horses and play they did..the family too has come from barely handling horses to looking like pros..
learning the little tricks and tips that horse handlers learn..learning horse language..horse psychology so to speak..the communication that is always ongoing in the herd..and the difference of working in the herd with loose horses..learning how to move and direct them..to see what they are going to do before they do it..learning the nuances of body language..read my ears..eyes..tail..stance..read what one is getting ready to say or do to another and learning  how they will reply..learning personalities..like your kids or family..who’s going to react to what and who’s going to start something or referee or smooth over..and family they are..just speaking a different language
www.annegreenstories.com following the progress of the 4 rescue horses..
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