finding curiousity..

the rescue horses settle in more and more..
personalities emerging more every day..
Sampson skinny/injured now very mobile..
weight looking good.even chasing others from his food..
Bella a little too gregarious now settling down..learning manners..
Sally most aloof now wearing a flymask daily..coming up more often..
yesterday came up three different times on her own..”hello”..
a small visit but a big step..
Jade seemed most scared now has a quiet confidence..
it appears progress begins when fear is turned to curiousity..
a ranch friend puts it..”i’m not so teachable when i’m scared to death..
figure it’s kinda the same with em”
when curiousity steps up instead of flight that’s good..
it’s explore now..and explore they do..
Sally checks out the chicken coop entrance..
learns exploring is only permitted if done calmly..

.    003-1

then everyone explores dried grass clippings near the trees..


this week three tiny fluffy kittens emerge from behind nesting boxes in the chicken coop..

mama must have hidden them from prying eyes..

visiting kids like to see the kittens..yesterday Jade wanted to see what this was all about too.. for her..Jade comes to the fence..leans her head over..knickers..knickers again..

sure can see the  kittens..

was wondering if she’d make any type of move toward them with her head

the other day she chased an unfamiliar cat from her area ..

she stands perfectly still ..


after kittens are gently put back with mama waiting quietly in the cool shady chicken coop

the rescues opt to visit the little pasture by the road..

a long narrow stretch of grass with tall trees that rustle in the breeze..

heading out single file..nice.. polite..

             007   021

two donkey friends join them so closing the gate behind them i go get Snickers..

the Pinto/Arab cross rescued years ago..

at the time of his rescue he appeared to be six months old..he was two and a half..

so starved could barely stand up.. here seven months before he ever stepped faster than a walk..

slowly he came back to life.. now a great horse friend..

i bring him into the duck/chicken area..he’s wandering loose while i get scratch for the chickens..

when speaking of turning fear to curiousity Snickers is doing it..

still fearful of some things but if food is involved he’s all in..

i didn’t realize how much all in until coming around the corner from filling chicken feeders..

am greeted by this…

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