a new chapter for the rescues..

a new chapter started for the rescue horses.. not knowing their history vices or fears it’s been take it slow..let them settle..let them integrate the other herd.. gain some weight.. heal..physically ..mentally.. watch them..learn to know them from watching them..study them..it’s been fun to watch..to study..do ground work ..even have a highly experienced rider come over and ride two of them so we really had a good idea of what was here..we chose Bella and Jade..since Sampson was still recovering from a hock injury and Sally the most green..we chose those two ..and to have a professional on the first time ..ready for anything just in case..but it went well..perfect rides..with all that done..both owners/ horses have been wanting to do more..Jade the jet black mare .. caretaker of the herd has been coming up when there’s a lesson here..when kids are here..she has a “can I join?”..look..”I can do that” look..so last week when Jess the barn helper was here we pulled “buddy” the riding dummy was out of storage.. 
buddy barely simulates a rider but can help determine reactions of the horse..stuffed jean legs hanging down..stuffed shirt arms flinging around..styro head bobbing..losing balance ..laying back..etc..will tell us a lot..so coming in the shade where it was relatively cool ..under the barn where it is relatively soft ground ..small piles of hay were set out..Bella, Jade, Sampson came in to eat..came in to see buddy..Sally..independent mustang Sally was off as usual by herself grazing in the new tufts of grass..so buddy was gently taken up to Jade by Jess..having worked together for years we’re a team..each knowing the other’s reactions..when to react and when not to..and Jess can read a horse..read their eyes..ears..tail..skin twitches..weight shifts..quiet energy..perfect help..Jess gets buddy..brings him to Jade..no reaction..touches a buddy leg to Jades’ shoulder..no reaction..places him gently over her back ..no reaction..buddy’s pulled off and then tossed on Jade.. no reaction..no shift..no look..no startle..no variation in her munching..with a lead line on Jade’s halter ..using the halter/lead rope combo so there’s no bit pressure and with a lead rope there’s only one direction Jess can pull if needed ..my direction..and the hay for distraction.. now the question arises..”why bareback”..a person can slide off quickly..no stirrup to get hung up in..no horn to get hung up on..and because the horse is asking..mainly because the horse is inviting us..would we get on any horse that asks..no..and could we have gotten on sooner..yes..but waiting for the horse to ask sometimes makes it go better..no hurry here..we want no worry here..Jess steps up on the overturned large yellow plastic barrel that’s been placed by Jade’s side..adjusts her helmet ..Jade looks back..”well get on”..swinging a leg over ..sitting quietly on Jade there’s no reaction
we knew it could be scoot forward or leave or a rounded back.. all sorts of things but were trusting Jade’s invitation..and she had been serious..she could do this..she wanted to do this..so it was sit ..watch her eat..stroke her neck..reassure each other..and after doing this every day this week soon it’s Bella the paint mare coming over ..”I can do that”.. “I’d like to do that”..now hoping she’s honest and serious too the next day we include her..same thing lead line held very close to her but no pressure..halter lead rope.. same thing..buddy the riding dummy tests..
then Jess sitting on..calm quiet eating..wandering around with a person on..copycat results..so comes Sunday.. horses ask again..come up..can we do something..stand by the lead line..asking..ok..today Jess and her Mother Lori are here..Lori and her four kids care for more animals than most people will ever meet and they read them like a book..and again having worked together in lessons for years it’s a step by step situation each of us knowing when to move and when not to..methodical..reading the horse response.then Kelly one of the rescues’ owners is here and gets on too..
so now two riders..in the shade.. soft ground..no pressure..horses eating hay..riders sitting..emotional moments..for where these horses have come from to where they are now..and as horses eat and riders watch Bella quietly calmly inches forward..she wants to walk in the hills with her rider..we talk it over..she’s on a lead line..rider can slide off if need be so they do..slowly meander thru the  little hills that border the pond with the turtles and ducks watching the momentous occasion..two passes thru the hills and back..Jess says..”Bella wants to go to the round pen”..Bella has been motioning with her head..leaning with her body..a polite subtle request..we talk it over..ok..so Mom leading Jess on Bella and Kelly sliding off to lead Jade and Sampson it’s off to the round pen..and single file they go in..quietly the pen is made smaller..sliding panels across to cut the large round pen in half..just in case..baby steps..so when the area is small ..the horses walking calmly  Bella’s additional leadline is removed..she’s fine..and Jade’s additional leadline is removed..
now two riders riding together with Sampson the grounding rod in the pen for moral support..
even  ponying is tried with great results by Jade and Bella but Sampson the pony horse decides he would rather stand .. be moral support than join in..so we let him..not to have him control everything but to listen to what he’s saying..he’s saying enough for one day..this is big..you have two riders on..end on a good note..end with everyone calm and happy..beyond happy..
end here for today..
on cloud 9..
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