just magical that’s all..

Sunday was magical..that’s all..just magical..with no agenda and wanting to work in the shade it was let things unfold..Jade has been ridden every day..bareback..gentle riding ..riding in the park..in the arena..in the shade..in the hills..Bella had been favoring her back right and had two weeks off from riding..in watching her move daily the improvement was obvious it was time to let her tell us for sure if she could handle a light rider or not..she said yes by standing firmly and often on the previously sore back right..Sampson as usual wants to be included in anything..included in the area but not really in the actual event..he wants to stand in the middle while the others ride around him..so he does for awhile and then is always invited to join in.. to do what he can and what he can do if usually a little more than he thinks he can..the horrible limp that he arrived with now barely there..hardly there..his weight great  and his confidence growing..becoming more the “gentle protector” than the “needing to be protected”..Sally..aloof and pretending to not know anything is now Sally that knows more than she lets on..it’s trust for her..if they can’t catch me they can’t hurt me..she’s trusting more and more..so Sunday Jess gets on Jade to share how Jade makes the most riding progress..to show Kelly for best results..she slides off and hands the black soft round roping reins to Kelly who steps up on the big overturned yellow barrel to slide on Jade’s back..and the nice observation is her “slide on” is quite different that Jess’s..faster and farther back..new for Jade.. it goes perfectly..no problem..no scoot forward..no fuss.. nice progress showing Jade different people get on differently..
then Jess gets Bella.. using split reins to have something different for the horse..Bella’s probably used to it but in learning the horses am using something different each time..split reins..round reins..mount in different area..from various places..barrel..fence..mounting block..Bella is brought to the big yellow barrel and stands with most of her weight on the back right..good sign..Jess slides on Bella walks out..it’s all good..in wanting to have a personal best for both horse and rider each time Jess and Kelly pony Sampson and Sally..Jade gladly ponies Sampson
but is not happy when asked to pony Sally..Jade pins her ears back speeds up and lets it be known this isn’t working..so next time that’s where we’ll work..help her get thru it ..but for today it’s keep it on a good note..so there was riding..ponying..laughing..learning..
with Sally learning that ”buddy” the riding dummy still doesn’t have great balance..
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