it’s a happy tail…

When the four rescue horses arrived so many months ago

one couldn’t help but notice

Sampson the only gelding limping and very thin

and that the two black horses Sampson and Jade.. 

the two that always stayed together even more than the four did ..had no tails..

well not no tails really

but tails cropped as far up as they could be without hitting bone..

the dock of the over time those tails are growing more and more ..

becoming thick ..beautiful..expressive..very expressive..

when the tails were short they were quiet..

hanging down close to the body..nothing to say..

now the tails are longer..fuller..shiny and the tails have a lot to say..

a little attitude in a happy way..

watching Sampson walk he flings his tail back and forth..

swishes flies..tells other horses what for..

tells them by swatting at one as he or she walks by..

he even seems to enjoy just flipping it around in a circle to feel it on his backside..

so his limp is gone ..his weight is up.. his tail is talking.. 

life is good in Sampson’s tail world..

and in’s the same with Jade’s tail world..


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