a long awaited ride..

again a magical time.. between the rain .. the dust storms..comes a beautiful morning..
Bella the line back dun/paint cross mare has been ridden bareback every day..
ridden around the property..on the trail course..in the trees..arena..round pen..
getting ready for a rider ..for a Dennis ride..
after getting an idea of what she knows and teaching a little more each day..it’s time..
so Sunday Dennis is ready from riding Cheyenne ..the teacher..the lesson horse teacher..
and Bella is ready from being ridden every day ..
it’s time ..time to put the two together..
are we going slow..sure..does anyone care..no..
Bella steps up to the yellow barrel..Dennis steps up too..
standing on the overturned big yellow plastic barrel he gets ready..
taking the reins..talking to Bella ..easing a leg over her back..
sliding on..the moment we’ve been waiting for..
they step out.. re-assure each other.. enjoy each other..
and Sampson comes up..me too..and Jade..me too..
so it’s ride Bella .. pony another..like kids..my turn..my turn..
    099-1.jpg 099-1  
they’re polite..patient..asking kindly..
now Deb’s on Cheyenne and Jess gets on Jade..
  109-1.jpg 109-1
everyone’s happy..so it’s time for a pic..
“smile everyone”..and on seeing the pic
in looking close..can’t believe my eyes..
Bella..is smiling too..
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