they’re always teaching me..

they’re always teaching me..

when the four rescues arrived last Thanksgiving thin and unsure

one of the first things noticed was all four ate off the same flake of hay..

every meal..every time..heads touching..quietly sharing..

maybe that’s all they had where they flake for the four..

maybe over time they would learn to spread out..

learn from the horses already here..that there’s plenty for everyone..

learn to find their own flake..find their own pile..enjoy nuzzling the hay..

it was surprising to see that wasn’t the case..that wasn’t what happened at all..

there’s always plenty of food and plenty of room ..

but in watching something else took fact the opposite happened..

the rescues taught the others to eat with them on their one flake of hay..

and when the flake is gone everyone moves on to the next one..

at first their were four heads..then five on one flake and then six and now more..

then the group moves to the next pile..and the next..

once again..a herd they decide to do things..

for today anyway..

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