the herd sleeps..

it’s different on different the herd sleeps..
in watching have noticed their various patterns..
when no bugs are out..they sleep separately..twenty feet or more apart..
some stand..some lay down..curl up in the soft sand of the arena..
when no bugs are out they come up to have flymasks removed..
not sure if it’s temperature or humidity or moonlight
that decides what bugs do..
but when bugs are out they sleep together..this herd anyway..
very close together..standing..side by side..touching..
even ones that don’t get along too well opt to sleep close ..
and opt to keep flymasks on..tails swish occasionally..send bugs away..
they chose a sleep spot near a light.. bugs gravitate to the light..
less around the horses..
on closer inspection..can see the four rescues still in a clump..
side by side..touching..
and looking closer yet..notice Sally the smallest sleeping with her nose touching her friend Bella’s side..
guess that let’s her know when her security blanket moves away..
gives new meaning to the phrase “sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite”
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